Bread Tag Art! Who would have thought?

I am a hoarder! I tend to keep everything and collect everything - and especially find it hard to throw away small pieces of plastic. I have jars on my kitchen bench where I throw all random bits of plastic - assorted lids, small parts, lego pieces, and....bread tags! I love them - the variation in their colours, the little stamped on date!!. Once I get a bit of a stockpile of them I use them in the studio to include in upcycle projects.

Like this one.......

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An idea I talked about a while back in our newsletter was using them in Upcycle Dreamwebs - use box card for the base, work with pens to create a mandala design, and decorate with bread tags to create a decorative edge.

I also love the idea of just playing with them as shapes, moving them around into as many formations as you can........I had my kids think of as many different formations as they could.......what can you see in some of these ideas??.......

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The top left design is a nest with baby chicks, and my daughter Greta was talking like she was the little chickens while creating this - she was worried about the little yellow chicken as it was different to the others. The imaginative play was fantastic to observe!

I was surprised at how much they enjoyed this process...its no mess, not worrying about glue, paint, pens, just pure playing! This does make it a more mindful exercise - relaxing and calm.

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I particularly love this design created by my daughter Bobby........its a burger! So simple, creative, and once you know it is a burger, you cannot imagine that it is anything else!

I am looking forward to doing a few more ideas with these lovely little pieces of plastic....what can you think of to do with them??

We would love to see your ideas - don't forget to tag us/ share with us any ideas you may have.

I hope this inspires you to start collecting your bread tags!

Happy creating!

Tracy x

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