Easter Cutesy Chicks

Easter cute chicks


This is a very easy Easter stamping/painting activity which shifts the focus momentarily away from chocolate. I LOVE those fluffy little chicks that pop up around Easter, and I wanted to try and make a painting that captured that fluffy texture. 


I started with some coloured card, some orange and yellow paint, a small piece of sturdy plastic that will act as a stamper, and a black pen.

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Start with a layer of orange lines stamped in the shape of your chick’s head and body. Try to face them roughly in the one direction, or your chick will look a bit windswept. Next add a layer of yellow stamps on top, sticking with the same direction. 

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Get hold of your orange paint again and scrape a small beak, and stamp some legs and feet. Don’t worry if they are not perfect, they are very expressive little creatures!

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Once dry, draw a beady black eye onto your chick with a pen.

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These could make great Easter cards, bunting, puppets, or an addition to that wild Easter bonnet! Chirp Chirp

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Hoppy Easter!

Tracy x

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