Easy Spooky Ghosts - Boo!

Three spooky ghosts Halloween


This Halloween you might like to try one (or all) of these simple ghost creations made from everyday household materials. Each one only takes about half an hour and uses just a handful of equipment. 


Candle ghost:

All you need is - Cheap paraffin wax candle, black or dark watercolour, small sponge or large brush, and white card


Drawing with a candle is like working with invisible ink! You may have tried wax resist with crayons or oil pastels, but I have lots of hard paraffin wax candles floating around the house, and the range of candle sizes offers a great opportunity to play with different types of line. 


This can be fun and tricky, if you like you could draw an outline with a light coloured pencil first, but I love the unexpected nature of my invisible drawing! Draw your ghost on the white card using the candle.  Keep it simple and leave some big empty eyes in the middle. 

Choose a dark colour like black, dark blue or dark purple and gently apply the watery paint over your image to see your image revealed.  If you like it hanging, cut out your painting once dry, and hang it from the ceiling so it can float around.

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Reflective ghost:

All you need is - Sheet of alfoil, A4 or A3 white card, pva glue, glue brush or glue spreader, scissors


This shiny ghost is really easy to make, and I love the reflective textures alfoil creates. The easiest way to do this (I realised after doing it the long way) is to glue your whole sheet of white card down the alfoil using a thin layer of PVA glue all over. While you wait for it to dry, sketch your ghost onto the card side. Cut out your ghost shape including some eyes. This one will also look great hung up in the classroom! 

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See-through ghost:

All you need is - Cling wrap, scissors


So easy! 

Just lay down 5-6 layers of cling wrap on top of one another, pressing down with your hands as you go. Don’t worry about crinkles, they add great texture. 


You could draw on your ghost shape with a felt tip pen first, but I just went for it. Cut out your ghost shape making sure you are using up as much of the sheet as possible. Fold a crease in the ghost at the head and cut two semi-circles to create easy eyes. 


This one won't hang very well as it is not rigid, but it will look excellent stuck to the window!

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I think its going to be a rainy Halloween this year - so these are perfect 'stay in-doors and drink worm juice, and eat stinky slugs while making cool spooky ghosts' kinda projects.

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Happy Halloween y'all.


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