Egg Carton Monsters

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Egg Carton Monsters

A creative spin on sculpture - using a bit of problem solving with an upcycle focus. Collect some egg cartons, chop up, assemble, and create some of the cutest little monster friends around!

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This idea does however require some adult help. Egg cartons are a great 3D shape to play around with - but they are both difficult to cut up for little hands, and hard to glue together.

It would be advised that teachers/ parents/ older children chop up the egg cartons into a range of shapes of different sizes and shapes to play with. Let the kids come up with a design for their monster, and then have adults in charge of gluing the main structure together - a hot glue gun to help assemble is definitely best.

You can use PVA glue also - but it does take a while for the glue to dry, and you will need to use a bunch of supports to keep your monster stay stable while drying. Once dry though your monster will be super stable.

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With my monsters I created 'feet' to stabilise the base, and I also created tails to support the back, and help my monsters balance.

There really are no rules or steps to making your quirky critters, other than having a play around with the shapes, and having a think about the best way to piece together the features. Think about ways you can make the different shapes/ bumps of the egg carton different features - when you look at the shapes long enough it is amazing how faces and features just start to appear!

Once you have it constructed you can really have some creative fun - you can colour it in with markers (my 8 year old went to town colouring in this little guy below), paint it with watercolours, acrylics, or decorate with collage - bling it up, or keep it simple.

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I actually love the simplicity of the raw egg carton, so you can really see the essence of the raw materials.

Every monster will be unique, and your kids will LOVE their new eggs-elent little monster friends.  Have fun!

Until next time,

Tracy xx



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