Face your creativity!

We love getting creative with faces here at RAW Art. When in doubt - do faces!

You can draw, paint, collage, print, sculpt them. And kids LOVE making faces.

The face is made up of simple shapes that are easy to talk about with kids - ovals, circles, triangles, semi circles.

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You can also explore PROPORTION (asking kids questions like - where are our eyes positioned on our heads??) (how big are our ears compared to our head??)

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You can also explore a range of different media when having fun with faces - it can be as simple as a contour line drawing with a piece of charcoal, a textured mixed media mask, or you could work within a theme - maybe look at futuristic faces, or monochrome faces, or nature faces. 

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Playing around with SCALE is also fantastic  - go super tiny, or super big - kids will enjoy it either way!

Don't forget to also look at a few different artists who love faces too - Picasso, Chuck Close, Frida Khalo, Del Kathryn Barton, Modigliani - it is amazing how different artists can approach the same subject so differently.

Next time you are wondering what project to do with your class or tribe - think FACES!!!!

Happy creating!


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