Sleepy Shoebox Sloths

Sleepy Shoebox Sloths 


There are few of us who are immune to the charms of a sloth, they are charmingly slow, they have teddy bear faces, and they make great memes. Well, I can give you one more reason to love them, an easy to make activity where you can make one of your own. 

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See if you can find a shoe box, that would be ideal for this activity. The colour of the cardboard is a great foundation so you really don’t need to add any other colours except some black pen detailing. Other than that, you just need scissors, some PVA, a pencil, 4 paperclips and a thin stick or cane. 

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Flatten out the large part of your shoebox. Draw on the four sides some chunky banana shapes for arms/legs, and on the centre section a large blob body and a circular head.  Cut all these pieces out. 

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Arrange your pieces so your sloth looks like its hanging from a branch, two limbs will get glued to the back side, and two to the front. Glue each limb to the body, and then the head gets glued down. Give it at least 10 minutes to dry.

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While you wait, cut out a few eye and nose details for your sloth and glue them on. Then, get your paperclips and pull them out into a bit of a love heart shape, don’t straighten them completely, you want it to be like fingers/toes. These get threaded into the cardboard of the hands and feet and then can be looped onto your stick. If you don’t want to do the stick then just pin it to the wall, or find some other place your sloth might like to hang about.  

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You can leave your sloth unpainted (my personal favourite!), or you can grab out the colours and go crazy. A super simple and effective way topaint it is by scrunching up a small piece of paper towel, dipping it into some white, brown, or grey paint, and then just blotching the paint all over your sloth to create a furry texture. Voila - furry sloth!

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Enjoy your slow and sleepy friend!

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