Tupperware stamping

Tupperware stamping


Tupperware comes in ALL shapes and sizes, and like most people, I think I have all of them. Let’s take advantage of this interesting resource and do some holiday stamping!

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I am showing you two ideas for the Tupperware stamping, this first uses glue and glitter, the other uses paint and pens. Both are fun, easy, and suitable for most ages. 




Go outside… glitter is involved. Pour some glue onto a large paper plate or something similar, ideally something you can trash at the end of the activity. Using a range of Tupperware lids or tubs dip the edges in the glue and them stamp them one some card, A3 or larger is best. I sprinkled some glitter after each shape and give it a good tap to make sure the glitter sticks to all the glue, then a good dust off. 

Keep building up your shapes, layering them over one another too. This creates a wonderful abstract artwork, but you can also use your shapes to try and build a picture. 

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I have tried to make a lunchbox by stamping a rectangular container and some circles close to one another. You will need some coloured paint, and a sponge which will help you sponge a thick layer of paint onto the edge of your Tupperware container. To print, just take your time, line up your Tupperware where you want it to go, and once you have made contact with the paper give it a press, but don’t let it slide. 

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Let this dry, and then talk with your child about what goes in a lunchbox – this is an excellent opportunity to talk about good food choices, and how we can pack a healthy and filling lunch for school. 

I used a classic black pen for this step, but you could use coloured pencils, or collage for this step too. 


What else can you do with Tupperware?

Keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the school holidays - we will have loads of simple fun activities for you to try!

Keep creatin' kids.


Tracy x

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