Upcycle project fun - playing with egg cartons

I love to play around with things that you would actually have lying around the house - and I think I have an item that is often overlooked in the crafty arty ideas for kids - the humble egg carton. Preschools use them alot for cute little Easter time ideas - but we have been thinking of ways to elevate it into the next crafty stratosphere.

How about creating a wallhanging design, made entirely from things you should have lying around your house - with bit of a Native American Indian vs 70's tie-dye kinda vibe (is there such a thing?).

All you need is this....

An egg carton (with the flat lid preferably)


glue (pref PVA - but a glue stick will be fine too)

plastic bits and bobs - buttons/ lego/ bottle caps/ pegs/ bread tags.

a strip of newspaper/ magazine

string/ or wool

and some beads (totes ok if you don't have any)

and paints - watercolours if you have them + a brush or sponge

a bowl of water


Here we go.....

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Cut the lid off your egg carton, and cut one long side in the corners and bend down flat - cut fringing along this edge. Now cut all the little egg cup bits out of your egg carton - this is trickier than what you think - a definite adult job.


Trim these little shapes, and fringe a little with your scissors around the edges so they look like little jelly fish. Poke a hole in the tops with your scissors ( another adult job)


Paint your little shapes + the flat lid, with watercolours, or acrylics, or colour in with texters/ markers/ sharpies - whatever you have - even without any colour it will look cool!

Thread your little cups with string, you will need to tie a few knots to hold them in place, and/or use beads also as you thread to add some pops of colour. Create 2 x hanging strands of your little cups - make sure they are all facing downwards- this will look best when assembled.

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Now work on your lid - you can really do what ever you like here - but I like the idea of creating a central design, by firstly gluing on a strip of newspaper, and then fringe with your scissors.

Then use your plastic shapes to arrange and glue in the middle to decorate - I like the idea of keeping it symmetrical like a mandala design. PVA glue good for this - will glue shapes on nice and strong.

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Now assemble - hang your egg cup tails from the base - make a couple of holes, thread through and tie into position. And the top holes on mine were already there - so that made it super easy to tie my string at the top.


Allow to dry - and voila - funky upcycle wallhanging project complete!

A great project to talk about waste/ plastics/ recycling/ up cycling/ and our environment with your kids. Also a great way to talk about design - the egg carton is an amazing piece of everyday design that we often overlook and take for granted.


Happy creating!!


Tracy x

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