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Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30
Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30
Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30
Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30
Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30

Random Weave Baskets with 'Wild Baskets'. Sat 9th May 12.30-3.30

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Learn how to make a beautiful functional basket with the creative weaving duo Judith and Richard from 'Wild Baskets'.  


First, here's a little bit about the ‘Wild Baskets’ story:

Wild Baskets is the joint venture of Sunshine Coast weaving duo Judith & Richard Wolski.  Judith is the Weaver and Richard is the ‘Hunter Gatherer’, with Wild Baskets growing from their passion to protect the native environment, to reduce waste by thinking outside the square, and to be creative using normally discarded items.

Judith and Richard have been active members of many conservation groups, and while helping relieve the bush of destructive weeds and vines they started experimenting with these plants in their weaving.They have been involved with education in wildlife protection, organic farming, composting, recycling, waste reduction and have participated in remnant vegetation studies and mapping programs.

Judith says “I first became interested in basket weaving as a child from my Grandmother. Later in my life I learnt some valuable traditional basketry techniques using natural plant fibres from Aboriginal and New Guinea locals. I started experimenting  with plant fibres available in our area and soon developed my own style and techniques”.

Wild Baskets use invasive weeds like morning glory, cats claw, white moth vine and lantana which are smothering the Sunshine Coast landscape.

Wild Baskets have successfully been using destructive weed vines for many years and making the most amazing baskets, which ignite huge interest when it’s disclosed their beautiful and functional works of art started as invasive and destructive plants.

About the workshop......

Basket Weaving is one of the oldest traditional crafts practiced in many countries across the globe. The variety of materials used is endless and mainly sourced from plants available in the local environment.

The joy of making a basket using materials collected from the natural environment is both satisfying and exciting. You will be filled with pride as you admire your own handmade basket and the joy you can experience when you give a basket you have made filled, with homemade goodies is a pleasure to give and an immense delight to receive.

We will be using materials we have sourced from the garden, and vines we have collected from revegetation and clearing sites.

Everyone will make a large Random Weave Basket which can be used to store your Fruit and Veg or simply display with Pride as a Work of Art.
Wear old clothes or an apron as it can get a little grubby. Scissors are supplied, but bring along a favourite pair of secateurs if you have some.

What you will get:

  • All materials supplied to make a large basket
  • Tips on how to collect, prepare and store organic weaving materials.
  • The skills you will learn will allow you to make and create many styles of baskets using endless types of readily available resources.
  • Participants will go home with a useful handmade basket, instruction leaflet, plant material list and the skills to make many more basket creations
  • No art experience required - just bring yourselves and be ready to settle in for a fun relaxed morning of making!  

Light refreshments will be served.